What is the problem?

Currently healthcare delivery is ineffective, as each person has unique healthcare needs and nutritional requirements that are often not met, and there is a lack of accuracy of treatment regimen, as well as continuation of care or adequate feedback mechanism between patients and healthcare providers.

What is the Solution?

Healthcare should follow an outcomes-based approach where treatment is individualised to the specific characteristics of the patient, adherence is monitored and effectiveness of treatment is observed, with the corresponding feedback to the treatment regimen.

Who are we?

My BluePrint Rx provides patient-centered, outcomes-based and individualised pharmaceutical care/ treatment for a superior healthcare experience. We work together with the patient and the healthcare providers to promote health, prevent disease, and to assess, monitor, initiate, and modify medication used.

Pharmaceutical Care

Pharmacists are the only health care professionals who are specifically trained to understand and apply the fundamental sciences of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and clinical pharmacology to patient care. A core part of a pharmacist’s job is to individualise drug therapy based on a given patient’s age, size, organ function, concomitant treatments, diet, allergies and disease states. Pharmacists also provide dose individualisation via therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacovigilance. 

Precision Medicine

Personalised medicine, also referred to as individualised and precision medicine, is all about customising a patient’s care and treatment plan based on the individual’s unique genetic characteristics and health history.

Bring it all together

We use a mobile platform to interface with patients to gather data, evaluate information and formulate a pharmaceutical care/ treatment plan. We then provide ongoing pharmaceutical care and monitor and modify the plan using ongoing input data (wearables and qualitative feedback) to ensure optimal healthcare outcomes and improve the quality of life in conjunction with the healthcare professional.

Our Partners