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Family-Centred Pharmaceutical Care and Digital Therapeutics on the Africa Continent


Our mission is to provide quality healthcare for Africa through knowledge empowerment, including transparent and holistic individualised healthcare provision. We aim to empower patients and their families, together with their chosen healthcare providers, to take control of their healthcare outcomes by providing individualised treatment and care based on unique pharmacogenetic profiles and individual characteristics.

The Problem

The prevalence of non-communicable diseases is rising across the African continent. In general, treatment of these diseases has been mostly developed based on data from western populations. Health outcomes and adherence data based on the unique pharmacogenetic and individual characteristics of African populations would assist industry and government to target public health interventions and drug discovery and development more effectively.

Healthcare delivery is ineffective, as each person has unique treatment needs that are often not met. There is often a lack of accuracy of treatment regimen, as well as continuation of care or adequate feedback mechanism between patients and healthcare providers. Patients seeking healthcare want transparency and knowledge to understand their healthcare needs, to reduce the anxiety of a new diagnosis and improve efficiencies in the healthcare process to become healthier quicker. They want to feel empowered to manage their own healthcare. Healthcare providers also want the tools to be able to inform interventions to solve their patient’s problems more efficiently, ensuring a good healthcare experience and referral to other patients, in order to increase revenue potential and customer base.

Regimen Health- The Solution

My BluePrint is a family-centred pharmaceutical care and digital therapeutics company that offers an on-demand platform for healthcare delivery.

We empower patients and their families to take control of their healthcare outcomes through customised treatment and pharmaceutical care provided according to their unique pharmacogenetic profile and individual characteristics through our healthcare platform Regimen Health

Appropriateness and effectiveness of treatment is analysed, with the corresponding proposed feedback to the treatment regimen. An on-demand healthcare platform is provided, where patients and their families are empowered to take an active role in designing their own healthcare system based on their specific needs. We provide patients and healthcare providers the tools needed for successful health outcomes. In doing so, we provide a digital therapeutics solution based on the unique populations on the African continent. Data may be provided on consent from the patient to industry and government, enabling the effective targeting of public health interventions and drug development based on African pharmacogenetic profiles linked to adherence and outcomes.

1. Family-Based Utilisation

2. Pharmaceutical Care

3. Digital Therapeutics

4. On-Demand Healthcare Platform